As time marches on,and all of us continue to get older,the veterans of WW2 as well as Korea,and Veit Nam are growing older too, and many of them are passing.
I know that here in the area I live in there are several pilots from WW2 that are in their 90s (Pretty remarkable ) and I'm sure other members have local vets in their area.Perhaps we could interview them for a short story for posterity sake,and record some things from the regular vets before its to late to do so.Does anybody else have any ideas on the subject....Neal Below is a picture of Bruce Porter author of Ace a Marine night fighter pilot. He lives here in the same town with me.

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Hello Neal - I couldn't agree with your idea more! We can read in the history books how campaigns were won and lost. We can read every spec you can imagine about our favorite aircraft. But what we are losing at an alarming rate is the heart and soul - our veterans. About a year prior to my grandfather's death, I took a video camera in to his nursing home, and with his permission, I interviewed him on video. Personally I think this is the best way to interview our veterans. The interview becomes a conversation instead of one scribbling like mad to get everything down on paper. And becaues it's a conversation you never know where the stories will lead you. I haven't transfered the videos from the digital 8 format I recorded it on to a format for the internet, but I think I might do that soon and add it to the video section of the site. If you choose to interview Bruce on video, please feel free to add the video to the site. It would be a great way to share his story!
Talk to you soon,
Hello Rob, I am so glad to hear that you interviewed your grandfather,and I like the way that you put it when you said that the veterans are the heart and soul of this country,they truly are.
People of all walks of life talk of their rights,and political pundits on T.V. discuss wrongs done to others,but nobody stops to realize that we have these rights because of our vets.
I thank you so much for contacting me,and possibly we will see something come to fruition on this idea.Thanks again....Neal

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