Hi Robert, 

I read that you are the grandson of George Bremner " Scotty " Murray. 

I am interested in how BL628 got the name " Marion " I read on the 401 Sqd site 

that Marion was a girl friend. Did he marry Marion after the war? If so she would 

be your grandmother. I am asking about the Spitfire " Marion " on behalf of The 

Keighley and District Historical Society. They are interested in putting together a 

complete history of the plane. As you may know the plane was built with money

raised in Keighley during the war then soon transfered to The RCAF

A lot of this information will be soon lost as men and women of that era pass away. 

I would be very interested to hear from you Robert. 

I am presuming that this post is read by you. 

If not I hope that someone will forward the post to Robert Flindall.

Thank you, 

Kevin M Bond  ( New Member )

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Hello Kevin - thanks for contacting me!  I apologize for the lateness in getting back to you.  It's been a pretty busy summer and fall here after my wife and kids moved to our new house.  

It's great to hear of your interest in 'Marion' and my grandfather.  How BL628 was named 'Marion' is a great story.  Prior to the war my grandfather lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia and attended Halifax Academy.  Every morning, a child hood friend of my grandfather's would meet him at his house and they would walk together to school.  This child hood friend was Marion. My grandfather would only ever call her his friend and not his girlfriend lol.  Fast forward to the war.  My grandfather was assigned to the 401 squadron and BL628 was his primary mount.  Back in the war, pilots were awarded phone calls home. My grandfather was awarded a phone call home one day but as he had just spoken with his parents over the phone the day previous, he wasn't sure who he could call.   He decided to call Marion back home.  This was done in secrecy as he didn't want everyone to know he was calling a girl back home.  Despite my grandfather trying to call Marion quietly, his erk's found out he was calling a girl back home.  The following day when my grandfather went out to BL628, blazoned across her nose was 'Marion'  and the rest ,as they say, is history.

My grandfather did not marry Marion and much of her has been lost to this day.  We still do not know who Marion is.  My grandfather spoke very little of the war and when we finally did get him to talk, his memory was such that he did not recall Marion's last name.  We would very much like to find out who she is because I think it's an important piece of BL628's history that we are missing.

We also had no idea that BL628 was built with money raised in Keighley during the war!  That's an important part of her history that we did not know!  I am very interested to hear more about this if you are willing and able to provide us with details.  The website that is currently up is very dated, from 2006, when we initially tried to raise the money to buy Marion and bring her home to Canada.  Unfortunately we couldn't raise the funds in time and a gentlemen from Texas purchased her.  In fairly short order I'm going to be doing a complete overhaul on the site and I would like to include this bit of history if possible.  

I'm looking forward to hearing back from you.  All my best,

Robert Flindall

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